[ Swf with PHp without mING ]

1. What is Sphing?
Sphing enables PHP users to create SWF (Flash) files without using any external binary libraries (like Ming).

2. Do I need it?
Perhaps not, since it's not finished yet. But it can already make life much easier. Take a Flash Photo Album as an example. You could do it the conventional way and import all your images into Flash, create a swf and upload it onto your server. When you wanted to add another image, you had to open your original source file, import the jpg, export and upload again. With Sphing you would just upload your jpg.

3. Why not use Ming?
Of course, this would be the easiest. But if you don't own your webserver yourself, you're most likely not able to install it.

4. Can I see it in action?
Yes: Example 1 (returns an embedded jpg) Example 2 (returns hex dump)
Example 3 shows that Sphing now can handle images with dimension larger than 400 pixels
All these files are also included in the release package.

5. What are Sphing's requirements?
All you need is a PHP(4) enabled Web server. Though it has only been tested on Apache, it should run on anything else also.

6. Cool! Where can I grab it?
Go to the download page at SourceForge and look for the latest release.

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